Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pack A.D. || March 2, 2012 || The Rickshaw Stop -SF, CA

I am a man who loves women.  It's true, I do.  And, to a guitar player, there could be no better site than that of woman who can rock like nobodies business.  Looking past of my decree; The Pack A.D. concert last Friday night was a demonstration about the passion to not give a shit, go up on stage and play your brains out.  And that is exactly what The Pack A.D. did to a meager crowd at the hipster "no-name on the door" Rickshaw Stop.  They didn't even headline the show, a fellow Canadian band, Elliot Brood took the headlining honors.  Brood was good, but damn, it must be hard going onstage after a dynamite infused set that the ladies, Becky and Maya,  tore through.  They are living proof that if you practice real hard, you'll look like you know what you are doing.  They keep it real simple (unlike the opener Mwahaha who need to learn how to use their pedals before hitting the stage) and go for the classic formula of over-driven blues inspired rock and roll.  But it is the attitude that really sets them far apart from any other young band I have seen in some time.  It is like they have taken Mike Damone's 3rd rule in his "Five Point Plan" and they have mastered it.  I am really pleased to have seen them in such a venue, because I believe the next time it will be across town at The Fillmore.  And I will gladly shell out triple the cash and enjoy every minute of it.

Technical notes:
I figured that since I was able to get so close I might as well spew out Becky's rig setup as best as my memory can serve me.  She played at LTD carved top guitar with two humbuckers.  She played two amps, 1) '68 bassman amp through a newer Fender 2x12 Cabinet and a Marshall JCM900 through a Mesa 4x12 Cabinet.  She was masterful at switching between the two amps for effect.  As pedals go I believe she used a Boss SD-1 Overdrive and a Crybaby wah.  She also played a bolt-on hollowbody neck Aria guitar tuned open for one slide song.  I wish there was another one!

Top photo courtesy of Bagelradio and bottom two courtesy of Pat.

Here is the video I took: