Friday, February 25, 2011

The Music Studio

Ah, where creation is born...

In the past 5 years since it was built there have been over 75 original songs recorded in it, 3 full length albums, 1 ep, and a puppet show soundtrack (no foolin), as well as a live jam room for anybody who wanted to play music. When it was first constructed by myself and my soon-to-be brother in law, the late Tony Nelson Bapista, my main goal was to let anyone who ever wanted to play any type of music come by and play. I believe it has fully achieved it's objective. As well as given me very special memories with relatives and friends. And I was actually able to get a band together out of it. For that I have to thank the following people; Tony Baptista, Blue Lang, Steve Laflen, Jeff Okubo, Johnny Kirk, Rick Silverstri, Spencer Grau, Jon Luttrell and last but not least, my neighbors with special consideration for the Villalobos family who's bedroom window is about 30 feet away and they have never complain once. Best neighbors ever? In my opinion, Yes!

The Studio is not going away. I just want to document it for what it is in this moment in time. I am making some changes inside it. Call it "redecorating" or just reorganizing. It will still be a recording studio and The Booty Chesterfield Trio shall still exist, but things change and change is good. Hopefully it will inspire a new era in the creative process. Please enjoy the pix.
music studio
Dads Guitar
Velvet Elvis
blue's Drums
Skyway BMX in the studio
Vintage GI Joe Devo
Here is a before shot:
And and after shot:

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