Friday, August 12, 2011

Zombie(fied) in San Francisco || Compliments of Mr. Santos || 2011 Summer Drink Series

The Summer Drink Series continues on as I headed up last Friday to visit a "Brethren in Rums" at the Bernal Tiki Refuge lodged deep within the San Francisco underground.  Christian Santos has been a fan of the "Tiki" and all it inspires ever since the little kid discovered his family roots were firmly footed on the isle Guam.  His passion really took off during his early twenties when his kitschy American roots took control and combined the two that make one, Mr. Santos.

Christian and I get together every so often to share thrift store adventures as well as to trade new concoction ideas at one of our bars.  He has been known for serving up quite a delectable drink from time to time.  He has the classic Mai Tai down as well as the Polihale Punch that he came up with.  However, this summer Christian has really been working on his Zombie skill.  See, the Zombie was invented by Don the Beachcomber as one of the original slew of tiki drinks, but also turned out to be one of the most potent.  If you ever want to perform a test on someone to see if they truly understand Tiki bars & Rum drinks, a simple question to ask is "(by overall majority) what is the most potent Tropical Drink?"  You guessed it, The Zombie.  Let's enjoy the true strategic alliance of liquids while making this drink...

SPECIAL NOTE: This recipe really is one of its own and only real connection to the original is rum and the ass-kicking potential this potent beast will pack.  Warning:  Please do not drink more than two of these drinks.  I have no liability, responsibility, inquiry, contrary and illusionary dreams that you people will be able to party all night with these drinks.  This drink is a perfect "Starters" drink to a "big night out".  Stick to beer or a pepsi after you slurp down a Zombie.  Now let's get to the creation part....

Fill a Pint Glass 2/3 to the top with cubed ice.  Fill a Shaker with the other third

 3/4 shot of Fresh Lime Juice

Put One shot of barcadi

One shot of Trader Vic's Dark Rum

One shot of Pineapple Juice (the fresher the better!)

One shot of Passion Fruit Mix

One shot of Orange Juice (the fresh rule applies here too)

Half a shot of Apricot Brandy

2 dashes of Bitters

Shake rigorously for 15 seconds

Then take the top off the shaker and strain into Pint glass.  Now add one more dash of bitters on the top (for olfactory effect).  Now, if you only have one of these drinks, treat yourself to a called for floater of Barcadi 151 on the top.  We were opted to not add it due to trial process during filming.

Garnish with A fresh mint sprig and skewered chunks of Pineapple and enjoy!

I would personally like to thank the purveyours of The Bernal Tiki Refuge for their kind hospitality.  Thank you Christian and Kristy!

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