Friday, January 6, 2012

Grenadine as life.....

Do you ever think of yourself as the grenadine in the infamous concoction entitled the Mai Tai-? 
I do. 
No matter when you are put into the arena of the barreled glass, you slowly but surely sink to the bottom. 
As your soul filters through the layers of premium juices, you gasp, trying to take in their promised enjoyment.  However, to no avail, you sink past the opportunity. 
Finally resting on the bottom of the barreled glass. 
Here, it is your turn to wait, suffering the tortures of some other rum dum at the opposite end of where you lie, enjoying the premium juices. 
Taking them all in as his head gets lighter and lighter with thought and surely fills with slack.
You watch this process, gulp by gulp, at the bottom of the glass. 
However you are not stagnant in this procedure. 
As the surrounding air temperature heats up the glass, the cold chill of the ice cubes gradually melt diluting your existence. 
You are the last to go. 
As half your soul gets swallowed, the other half usually gets dumped down the drain taking place amongst a pineapple core and stems of the eaten maraschino cherries. 
You are now utterly worthless as someone else has drained your slack.

                                                             -Written in an email to Joe Izzo, January 17, 2001

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