Monday, February 11, 2013

The Top Ten Videos I watched on Youtube in 2012

I wanted to compile a list of my favorite videos from 2012.  In these times we and utterly and completely overloaded with data and information.  That is why, for my own memories sake, I wanted to compile a list of watching history of Youtube for 2012.  Here it is:

St. Vincent- I dig a pony
Eric from The Pinks introduced me to St. Vincent through this video.  Oh boy, he hit it out of the park with this selection. I have searched and searched other videos online of St. Vincent, but in my opinion nothing compares to this gripping rendition of a Beatles classic.  The tones generated from her Harmony Bobcat guitar along with the watery effects processor on her other mic during the chorus makes this tune her own.  Then there is her guitar playing....shit, I wish I had the touch she has.   A simple and amazing cover tune.

Nilsson with Keith moon
Nilsson schmillson was a staple in the record rotation growing up as a kid.  I knew I always liked the guy but it wasn't until I became a musician that I really appreciated the talent behind this guy. Like many tortured souls, he was his own worst enemy.  He sure did give the world something to remember him by.  This tune is one of my favorite rhythmic tribal chants.  Then I came across this rare footage of him jamming with Keith Moon.  Boy, I wonder what was in their system while making this video.  Probably a lot illegal contraband and I will place money on it that it was probably shot somewhere between the hours of 3 and 5 am.

Pujol - Reverse Vampire
So, Pujol...yes, he is one of my favorite finds of the year. Such a talented young musician.  I wrote about his new album earlier this year.  It is a really great piece of work. However, in this acoustic version of the song on the record, Reverse Vasmpire, really highlights this singer songwriters talent. All in a sterile office environment.  The young Bob Dylan really comes through in this video.  The question I have to ask myself is, "who is Ben Todd?"

Bo Diddley - Live 1973
When I watch this video, it inspires me.  Bo is in the top of his show man game, just working the crowd like a man on a mission.  When he goes up for the pants splitting leg apart jump it also informs me of who inspired David Lee Roth. We all can benefit from the joy of live music.  Especially Bo's audience, just lapping up what the man is giving.  A thing of beauty.


The Shock of the New (series) - Robert Hughes
I found out about this series through a Time obituary.  The author of the book and the series, , passed away in 2012.  The piece in Time intrigued me.  It spoke of a compre.hensive history of modern art in the 20th century so compelling that the BBC wanted to turn it into an educational series.  Class starts now....

Bill Withers - Use Me 1972
This song is a mastery of live production.  It truly demonstrates the genius of a Bill Withers song.  The instrument inteplay is amazing and sounds like nothing before it and nothing after it.  It is just a wonderful live performance.  I also might plug watching his documentary "Still Bill" here.  I caught it this winter and it's a very uplifting story.

36 seconds of my past
This is a video I took last year on a walk i did with my buddy, Joe Izzo and my daughter.  Joe passed away in January of this year.  We new he was dying but it always sucks when you lose somebody who has been such an inspiration in your life among many others.  He was dying in this video, still check out the positivity in his voice.  A funny lovable character Joe was...and one person who actually got me writing.  I love watching this video.  I am sure half the view count is mine.

Nirvana - Practicing and the Novoselic house circa '88
Just watch this video. Pure genius at such a young age.  This video puts your there.


The Gories "There by the Grace of God" Homemade Music Video
This is soul.  I don't know what else to say besides thanking the person who captured this video.  Plus it is a Kid Creole and the Coconuts song.  How cool is that?

Geraldine Fibbers - Dragon Lady
I sought out this band after seeing Nels Cline earlier in the year.  He put me on a major movational surge toward good sounding guitar.  He was in this band, but not at the time of this video.  I believe that this is an earlier video.  Carla's voice is so beautifully haunting...then guitar.  Huge hook at the chorus.  How can a sucker for a huge hook not love this video?

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